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10 Years of Salesforce Experience

In Today’s world, the importance of building a well-executed CRM platform cannot be underestimated.

With over ten years of experience in the field of customer relationship management, I’ve helped numerous initiatives succeed for sales, marketing and service facing teams. Serving as a trusted technical team lead for new projects has developed my skills into my current role.

Now, as a Salesforce Governance lead for L’Oreal Americas, I bring my experience as a former admin and project technical lead to drive the success of the platform for thousands of internal and external users.

Why Governance is Important?

Teams are under increasing pressure to align to the organization. The more effectively IT can provide innovate apps and processes that meet the needs of the business, the faster the organization can go. As a lead for governance, a governance framework is created to manage the relationships and ensure the necessary speed and agility needed by the organization.


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My Highlights

CRM Planning

It’s impossible to succeed in CRM without a roadmap and vision

Cost Optimization

Discover and take advantage of any investment or opportunity

Solution Delivery

Learn how to deliver CRM solutions with great optimization and return

CRM Research

Stay current with the latest trends and developments

Program Management

Meeting with key stakeholders to engage in projects or solutions


Creating strategy to protect CRM applications and data.

Realize that you won’t be able to bring the same focus to everything in the beginning. There won’t be enough people or enough hours in the day. So focus on the 20 percent that makes 80 percent of the difference.

Marc Benioff

Years of Experience
Publically traded enterprises
Salesforce Certifications
Committed to your success

What People Say About Me

Here’s feedback about my work:

I brought Michael to L'Oreal in fall 2015. Without question it was a good decision. Michael is truly a Salesforce champion. His experience with the system is evident. He is always aware of the exciting new SFDC product offerings and how we could take advantage of them.

I had the great pleasure of working with Michael on several large technology initiatives, most critically within the SalesForce ecosystem. I believe Michael's greatest asset is his intellectual curiosity--he is never satisfied unless he finds an answer to a challenge. This is tremendous help when launching complex projects with complex problems.

Michael is a technical wizard when it comes to CRMs but what sets him apart from other technical types is his understanding of business needs. He takes the time to truly understand the business need so that he can create the best technical solution for the internal client.

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For anyone in my network looking for their next coder role. @glennferrie is a great guy to work with and for. Highly reccomend.

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